Friday, October 08, 2010

What if I am Leading Microsoft or Adobe

First of all, both are great company and both have some great strength in their field...What would i do if i can be head of Microsoft or Adobe

1) Microsoft
Seriously buy Adobe its less than 15bn, its cheap....put my OS strength and let adobe develop its AIR on top of my OS, which would be hardware and OS independent....Make lite apps using existing great cross platform tech, like HTML5, Java script and Flash or simple AIR apps. and release Windobe Phone .... :))

2) Adobe
Tie up with Microsoft for OS and bunch of hardware company specially graphic and processor to build AIR/Adobe support natively fast less memory consuming and nice...Develop my fancy apps as i made the whole internet look great using flash. Do the same charm for it

What else ....should talk to this guys...Apple is great ...why because it brings right product on right of you damn people are know how to do but wait till someone cracks for you or hold urself for money to put more on consumer and so on ....There is no point Logitech to charge 400 for Google tv, or Samsung to charge 700 for galaxy tab....Who will buy if apple is giving u iPad for 500 and TV for 100$ ....

Bring what you have else will die, like Palm, Nokia and may be RIM if it does not do something soon....

Adobe and Microsoft u both have strength come up ....and compete... :), don't follow

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