Tuesday, February 16, 2010

View:- Common Education for All

I have always wanted to be Education Minister of India, Here is something i read about it, don't know will happen or its just promise...

Kapil Sibal,
A finest student, lawyer and parent i would guess since both of his son studied in one of the finest institution of the world, along with father being a alumni of Finest college from country and world.

What is he bringing to India, An Education which is dream so far, but definitely i liked this two:

1) No Exam till 10th, And common syllabus.
2) A common exam for all students, Science, Engineering, Law, Medicine, lets have the burden only once for one exam.

A Plea or Request:

1) Lets have common education by bringing some education to every corner of India,
Lets money should not be the factor for getting taught by finest teacher.

2) Lets technology be our teacher, days have gone, Gurus have become Garus (hindi-Vajan, English:-burden) they are just simply govt paid employee in most cases.

3) Distant education is not distant anymore, lets have widespread information about education to parents whose young children is waiting to do something good.

4) School is not the only place for learning anymore, a handled device can be a good enough teacher for millions of students who does not know lot of things.

5) Days of lalten (candle) is gone, solar powered LED lights can take away the darkness for whole night for less then 500 Rs for lifetime of a student in school.

6) Books for a student graduating could pile up to more than 50000 Rs in life of 15-16 years of study. Electronic book reader with free ebook could be less then 3000Rs could be good enough for those who cant buy biding and all those big books.

---Many More from Your going to be Education Minister

---Some other time...

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