Saturday, September 19, 2009

Paperless world....

Today i had thought may be you will see company like apple or google made it...but here is my thought...
I see billians article are published in paper formats..i.e newspapers, magazines and books...only reason because its cheap now is publishing and distributing cheap that if goes to waste does not matter.

You have seen already two things
1) book reader like sony and amazon
2) projectors.

there are many types of computer for each time we need something to do ...its helping everywhere.

We see its touching our basic senses:
smell and taste will be next thing in future.

I am still considering touch, sight and hearing..device which could bring world without paper.

"Foldable, durable plastic like two page display computer thin enough like magazine connected to internet."

Its use is definitely indefinite as papers...cost can be lower then all...if you considering years of subscription and costs associated publishing and distributing.

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