Monday, December 08, 2008

Trillion Dollar Fraud and still looking for Bail Out !!

Who put the trouble in economy?

Institutions i.e. banks, brokerage firms , companies and real estate lenders. They tried to suck the customer by creating a demand of things beyond customers stretch.

Thanks to western economy , where they have same set of infrastructure, and same set of consumer prices across country, and little bit different in salary thats also just because of housing market i would say.

But the most appreciating factor they have is, they can leave the trouble if thats what causing unhappiness in their lives, for example if they have house on loan which they are not able to pay the EMI every month, they will say banks take your house and i can live somewhere else where i will have job and house which can be supported my income.


In India, people thinks the house is something they have to pay and keep it until they Die in Paying EMI for 20-30 years, why because they will die but they will pay loan why because thats what they have been taught , why its the culture, banks did understood this and gave money to people who cant even pay the loan in their lifetime.

Now, look at the west, Everyone creating a hallow demand so they can rise the price, now they all are going bankrupt or loosing cash or in size of 1/5-1/10 what they used to.....

Who is responsible, consumer are not able to pay the cost they buy, so they returned what they buy and they are apprehensive about buying new.

worst hit sector,

Housing, All banks have paid money, houses returned to them, but they gave money to builder who selled the house for the price of double the value, now banks where thinking they are making money, builder were thinking they are making money and people were thinking they bought sequence is opposite, consumer does not have enough money, builders properties going to be unused, and banks has lost assets......

What we do???

Stop making fool.......

First you made people fool and you are making govt fool to pay off of your froud....

same stories repeated in oil sector, and creating in auto industry....will hit most sectors where the demand was empty.

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