Wednesday, October 03, 2007

My Birthday wish this year-2007!!!

My purpose in my life has always been about recognition, like little kid who smiles with cute and naughty face amongst sibling to be heard more from parents or like a student who raise his hands to answer the school.

I look for recognition in peoples eye with respect to:

Knowledge:->For deep and thoughtful communication, Its must.
Money:->...Yes..I should have potential to earn money.
Fun:-> I see it like...if my work is appreciated than why not the fun i have in life...always enjoying and entertaining myself.

Recognition is directly related to respect and other word...i know people knows me well for what i am...and will remember if they have shared a moment with me...

Recognition is about positive impression

Most things you do in life are at their best when you truly impress others with them...&&&
Recognition is about positive impression build upon:

and Sympathy...which impresses you all the time!!!


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