Monday, October 15, 2007

I have got complement & !complement.

1. You can't understand 50% of what Om Says, and remaining 50% can be misunderstood/mistaken!!

2. Om can relate to So many does not matters from India or America :)

3. Spend your day with will forget looking in same direction...

4. You listen to everybody and give shit to it for no reason...and that makes me are awsome!

5. You have got life..and anybody who is around you feels alive with that...

6. I love you Om!

7. You are my best friend ever!

8. Shut up!! You are crazy!!

9. bullshit !! Oh actually Crap!!! ...Oh no...I like that!!

10. What the F*K ...You can be awesome politician!! ..but your motivational speeches an...It sound different ...will give thought!!

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