Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Thatswhy I dont ask my colleague or American friends for Indian food


I came early in described in previous post...before me there was another guy..dressed very casual ..i thought who cares ...went to his board (Conference room)...started talking very casually ...we talked so much about Cleveland and Atlanta, Cleveland Indians, browns and other stuffs. before I his board left we were introduced by names.

At lunch ..he came to my cubical and asked ..Hey Mr Cleveland are you gonna have lunch with us at Caribbean(Jamaican). I said I went with them with one fancy guy from Denver who drives fancy car...which beeps when its too close to object while its moving :).

At restaurant ..people started asking me if i have been there before i said yes...whats my favorites well.. Jerk Chicken and Shrimp & Chicken curry. So many of them ordered same ...i warned them this food is going to be spicy..they said alright.

At the table ..after five minute...I need more Ginger beer ...Oh i need another glass of water...uuussssss...iiiiisssss....I need some more paper towel....most of them were sweating..It was pretty amusing... Then introduction started...Hi I am Om...Consultant....I am XXXX Director XXXX, Director YYYY, Director ZZZZZ, and finally the guy whom i talked to very casually this morning and one who invited ...Vice President :0

Holy crap..i am laughing over this guys...but its not my mistake was funny..and amusing..the way we talked and started comparing about food...

Conversation ends with very usual question...So, Om where u from?


You dont look Indian, don't talk like Indian...

However dint sweat :))


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