Friday, July 06, 2007

Om-A faithful new friend !!!

To Om-

A faithful new friend
Doing charity,
All for a cake
and a Poem.....

We owe you big,
So I write you this
and hope my gourmet
will find you....

Kindness does send
a decent clarity,
A truth unfaked
and never stolen...

Kindness, like a fig,
is sweet and sun kissed,
it never does stray
from baking in a newton or two...

Now the this comical thanks ends,
I thank you really...
and also for cin's sake,
I thank thee Om...

We owe you big.
So I write you this
may a fig adorn
the cake, that I'll find you....

------------ Sandy Jackson

(the actual handwritten poem will all 6 para will be posted as image soon..)

A new friend wrote to me while i spend decent 5 hours in hospital, leaving the previous appointment of being in someones see off..Karaoke invitation.

Thanks, Sandy

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