Sunday, July 29, 2007

Making Effort itself is not Cool !!!

Making Effort itself is not Cool ...making effort for relationship building and taking care of business, to achieve anything is not considered as cool...being cool is about being(self); In other word making yourself in way that things should come along your way.

When you make effort, either you pull or you get pushed...and even with that something comes in your way is not natural...its stretched...used...pushed ..and having those is also not cool.

I could make an account here...being cool is actually art....We all lead the same lives… We all eat, sleep, socialize, take care of our finances, pursue whatever activities we decide to undertake, and do all the basic things that life may bring along.

Some however, choose or are naturally pushed to live their life in a different way..Thats cool...because being different and doing different is also cool (here its success or right).

My other friends says to another friend who seams enjoying his life at most and i will call him cool, that he must have done something in his previous life...or he is lucky to have all these in your life.

Being cool is not about what you have done..its about what you are...everything is present..bringing the past is also not cool...who cares what u were...

Becoming cool is not expensive hobby in which only the privileged can obtain as we think, since its mostly considered about dressing expensive and designer cloths, eating in expensive restaurant, driving expensive cars etc....Thats not true....Its about whatever you have..and how u present yourself with that. Dreaming about those and thinking when you will have those will be cool...Itself is not cool.

might add more later....

Om Baghel

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