Wednesday, July 25, 2007

अहम और अंहकार (Ego and Excessive pride) !!

अहम और अंहकार
जब अहम का आकार बड़ा हो जाये तो शायद अंहकार बन जाता है; मतलब आप अपने को इतना उंचा समझने लग गए हो की नीचे वालों को नीच की तरह देखने लग गए हो।

Both ego and excessive pride comes due to one's possessions, material wealth, intelligence or powers.

There is nothing wrong to keep your Ego, but sure not excessive pride.

Definition looks same but not: Both gives an individual the feeling that he is superior to others. Ego is positive but excessive pride is negative because It leads to envy, feelings of enmity, and restlessness amongst people.

Without Ego, world would have never come in this shape that we see now.

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