Saturday, June 09, 2007

Priority in Options !!!

You can't be someones priority when you are an option. Lot of people believes in that...Do I?

Lets try,

When we were kid: You used to flight to be in priority to be listened by your parents :) for getting their attention, amongst your siblings or your parents priority.

When you were teen: Used to fight to be in priority amongst your friends.

Young man/women: Still have to fight to be seen more and appreciated more by someone special to you, a little war of love starts here when we learn, Jealousy, hate, anger, completion, compromise, sacrifice, passionate ..many things...

Now when u have passed above: You can't be someones priority when you are an option to them....probably lot of people with agree with that...and quite a lot of people will bring emotions from previous 3 states, mixing up with that..will complicate your behavior and response, and worsen your communication.

These are the stages where we define ourself what we want to be, a giving up person, are of giver, or understand and let this questionair get over you and time will heal the pain for not to be chosen..if you have got..else enjoy that its good you are out :)).

How about in general, That statement fits: Would you hang yourself even you know that you are amongst someones options, At work, at home..wherever you are always have been chosen from option, Its you who defines be in that list or out of it...are be in priority else fall out..

Its this freaking option has cause to create basic emotions:

I can say "Love" as well ...but thats mix emotion..its not basic.

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