Tuesday, May 08, 2007

We choose to live with someone!!!

unknown: Hi
om_baghel: what the F*CK..i get everyday tens of request to add friend in myspace
om_baghel: you are one...right..why do u guys do that...cant you read my profile atleast before poking
unknown: I read your profile, nd I'm not among those, thanks if u dont wanna talk
om_baghel: Thanks and sorry for being rude, what you want to talk about..
I am Sick bcz of
1. Gals
2. Bear
3. Food
4. Did Monkey dance to please some hurt person

...which has made me to listen to this wussy song u call it.

I read that in one of your comments, last one made me interested to talk about

1. Its too much to think about gals, to much to envolve into it..they takes, time, money and energy, and when they take hearts its like loosing yourself.

2. Bear(Beer)..I had it after months..Its cold for me ...it hurts my throat..and it did after i took last weekend
3 Food...I am not cooking...and i am missing it too much...
4. Yes, Someone got hurts by someone, i was spectator, thought i could help both..i did one for sure, for second one i did danced and
and jumped like monkey for more than hour..so she could laugh...worst part is i dont even know her name..but she laughed over my
monkey and bear..all zoo dances i did for her...and got my leg size doubled and very rosy.....

unknown: You are funny, Have you ever been in love...

om_baghel: Have I? I dont know about love but got hurts for sure...dont u read my blogs, its http://ombaghel.blogspot.com
unknown: That does not answer my question
om_baghel: I can't answer your question, but can tell you for sure, we choose to love...those are lucky once with whom it happens..
and when it happens...keep it...waiting is worth...if u r worthy...Choosing it not bad...love comes softly..no matter
what we are, where we belongs, what color we have, what believes we have, what religion we have...Love is largest believes
in the world, biggest religion of all kind, You can't trust GOD about results, but you can to the person whom you love.
unknown: Thats very thoughtful..
om_baghel: Thanks

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