Saturday, May 26, 2007

Offers Vs Compromise !!!

When you have so much to offer, why you will compromise??

Many things offers you a lot in your life, a beautiful body by genes, exercise and proper diet, knowledge by learning, judgment by experience, success by hard work, dedication and determination, so on and so forth, and when you have made yourself with all beautiful things to offer to the world. Then why the hell you will compromise when you want to achieve some more from world.

This random thought came to me while i was traveling to San Jose, CA from Atlanta GA, in flight women next to me brought some serious topic and this is how i have explained to her. She is consultant like me, quite intelligent and smart, with beautiful face and perfect toned body, however she almost cried over telling me that
this is her 5th breakup in a year, no one want as she is. I said whats the problem??
She started saying, she is double graduate and an MBA, works for very reputed company, earns enough money, and all those things i could judge about her without telling me.

I said, you have everything that most people wish for, so whats the problem?? Well
I was in relation for 5 years, married, was really dry run and getting divorce, however i am going out with 3 year old son as baggage to most people thats the problem.


All i could say was, Are you compromising with relations and trying to make it work??

She said, How do u guess it??

Because, I could!!

And here is line for you!!!!

When you have so much to offer to the world, why the hell you will compromise??

She said, thank you for reminding me!!!

A very much thank you!!!

She started smiling, and i lost the pain of loosing my flight twice because i was stuck in freaking Atlanta traffic for 2 hours and half for 30 miles distance and never to take US airways flight, worst customer service.

Came out smiling, thank god i could make someone smile today!!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:42 PM) : 

Wow! you sound pretty sensible guy..Good going. stumbled on ur blog through google.. I find it great.. will surf more posts next time.. Keep writing.


Blogger Om said ... (2:46 AM) : 

Thank you, I am trying to exist as person i am, where blog is how i feel and do...thanks


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