Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Define Obsession!!!

You see that...something is dominating over you...and you don't wanna see that...it could be thoughts, persons or anything basically that is driving your energy at the moment and most of the moments ..means you have got obsession.

Being a maths student, if i would make a graph between X(Time) vs Y(energy) spend on things you are obsessed with you will get a line...which might be going upward at the beginning and downward if u r loosing ..however it remains as straight line if you into it.

You could come out of obsession by making your things which you are obsessed with as a subject to your analysis.

By the way ..their little difference between feelings when you have doubt on your lover and obsession in case of love ..don't ever make your lover as your subject to analysis. You will loose otherwise.

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