Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Being Engaged.......

What a wonderful feeling isn't it? Engaged...WOW!!!

I have been free for long time..by thoughts that cud have posted to me ..but not by myself...until yesterday..i got things to do that engaged me which i really enjoyed...I went to passport project ...spend couple of hours with kids .....worked in designing some bazillion costumes..had a chit-chat with kids..beautiful part is many of them Remembered me 'Mr Om'..are u gonna teach us dance ...well yeah!!!

Feeling continued since yesterday's evening hours..one of my friend told me ..spider man ..danced exactally like me....so while on Shaker Sqr walk..thought lets watch ..and i could not believe..the dance was totally me ..in the streets and outside the building...I laughed my A$$ off!!!

Last 20 seconds is totally me..

This one more than 50% are my dance ..however someone remixed the sound track.

Came home..quite late..did not wanted to cook but 10:45PM..there was no choice to eat junk food or cook...choose the second option..cooked something really nice..Daal(Soup) and Basmati Rice..eat..hot..awesome...and rather doing anything else..straight went to office mail..seams i will be in St. Louise, ..happy..felt completely engaged..so thought lets watch something i wanted in the field of medicine ..since Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cardiovascular Medicine department has invited me day after..so CCF being the best in US for heart specialty ..i started watching open heart surgery video just to know how they do it..tired at 12:30PM and slept well.

This is morning at 7:30AM...and i am writing after 30 minute walk over the pond, 40 minute to have breakfast and my favorite startbucks coffee..seams best thing is..I am enjoying the day before sunrise and its really nice day..I am completely engaged...by the way not with gal..if u thought so..right now...I have Zero in list even to think about..and don't want to add any for now...have a great day.

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