Sunday, April 29, 2007

Cashing over the wrong reasons!!!

Diplomats, Politicians, Advocates and a hypocrite friends can teach you how to cash over wrong reason for your own benefits. Well but would you accept it when you know what you are doing is not good, Its something like, would you ever try to take benefit of mistakes if u can judge it, the reason could be wrong or made it wrong ..from you family member or your best friends..... never....

But if you does know what you are loosing...the word called 'FAITH' or 'TRUST'. Loosing faith or trust in someones eye is like loosing character that you have build in person's eye.

What if, someone is giving you wrong reasons and you could judge its not true what he supposed to be mean is different then words uttered the truth is something could still hold your digging the fact behind the lie
or mistakes or motto behind that.

And if you can not judge take it as it is...then you anyway judged wrong and in worlds eye its wrong ...since it was the impact of wrong reason behind the truth.

I guess with my own experience we do a lot of experiments over every new character we face it makes us amazed ..and we find good being with differents does teach us many things if its positive...otherwise who cares for negative differences. But in some the similarity attracts ..its unlike magnates ..same pole attracts each other...i feel wonder ...but it does.

Following the title, what i found is..sometime we create attractions around us by
being and doing many things ...that can be proved wrong....but being and doing things that you are is always right ...however its tough for smart intelligent people not to be then are....Anyway..."Life is beautiful when the art of living is understood". with this art ..we should not learn the art called 'cashing over wrong reasons with your loved once'.

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