Saturday, March 24, 2007

Weird (Funny) Phone Calls

Last week I was in Atlanta for work, was staying in hotel, here is this weird caller asked me some weird question and that made me loose my sleep and laugh whole day over the question. Here it goes:

Tring Tring Tring then Vasigara ring tone i have in my cell phone;

Me: Hellowwwwwww...(Dude its 8:00AM in the morning)...little confused since it was not on my phone book.

Caller: Hi, Can I speak to my Wife?

Me: (What ...i might have heard wrong can he is asking permission to me to speak to his the it can be...anyway..i was polite may be something else) ...Hmmm..whats your name...I dint get u what u asked...

Caller: Hi I am..XXXX...Can I speak to my wife?

Me: (Dude..He is sure he is sure ..his wife is with me...that was freaking crazy..i put the phone in mute ...and laughed hard ...leaving my bed...laughing and looking for water...Guy was passionates..and confident...I need to laugh asked)..Well ..I dont know whom you r talking about..whats her name?

Caller: Brooke .....

Me: (Thats it....still laughing) ...Well i am sorry buddy...

Caller: (Seams he looked at the number ..whom he has dialed..)...Oh..wrong number!!!


More funny callers will be listed soon .........

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