Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Stupid me!!!

arey ab laataa hae dil koh kisi koh
deke chhutkaaraa luin
bahut dard detaa hae
hatey balaa mere se!!!

I was into above thought and many other thoughts came to me from last many years...i became kinda emotional...i was at gas station...refueling the car...I thought its summer car must have been bad during winter i pressed buy car wash that to premium one..then looked at the car ..realized dude ..its rental :))) hahaha...I bought car wash for rental ...Stupid me....

Anyway..its white 2007, Mitsubishi Galant, with just 8800 miles on it...It looked really nice on it...I dint regretted on my act...but laughed so hard that nobody does that.

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