Monday, March 12, 2007

Nice occurrences in past 24 hours!!

Be nice to everyone angels are everywhere. Its so true, I have seen this so much in this past 24 hrs.

1. Gas Station-> I was running really late, needs to cover 350 miles(Chicago downtown to cleveland airport) in 5 hrs 50 minute come home pack my bag for next five days, and head to airport, stuck into traffic not much 10mt, missed the exit 10mt, still positive to catch the flight, dint have lunch or breakfast, went this gas station there was queue not much but 4-5 ppl but that can take my 15 mt, told them the reality..she packed drink ...biscuits and all in 2 mts ..headed to car..She wished me good luck..really really from heart ..with smile ..saying boy make it.

2. Ohio Cops-> Driving 85-90 in Ohio is like putting urself in hand of so many cops ready to tag ...r not from u go...but anyway i know ohio cops..and i know i have to deal with eat....I met 3 cops...drove 77, 75, 79..none caught me in front of them...really thankful for that.

3. Air hostess shared her sandwich-> So i dint have lunch ...breakfast...and now dinner since i jumped into the plan 4 minute before it leaves...I had double security check..boarding gate was in terminal D atleast a mile..running walkaway was not working... So i did run with my two bags...made it..tired ..pain and hunger..when air hostess came to me with pinute...I cracked ..Man..An hungary man for whole day got pinute to eat ...she laughed asked..thats all she has...but after making fun of myself with my story..She actually brought her sandwich to me ..saying ..its got can have one..util u reach atlanta...That was too nice..........

4. No cabs...someone dropped me to hotel 7 miles in Atlanta.
So I reached Atlanta at 11:40PM it was late so thought will have dinner at hotel..lets catch the ..airport train..then marta train with one change took 55 minute to reach northsprings....Reaching there i dint find cab...or may be i was in wrong when i was in train i was talking to one fellow...he saw me there standing waiting...asked me its okay ..he can drop me to was one around...that did matter a lot to him..i paid his parking for 4 days at the station and he dropped me to hotel...that was so great.

5. All food places closed at 1:00AM..Hotel receptionist brought food for me..
This was last in row...Came hotel about 1:00AM..Sunday night at 1:00AM no restaurent opend at that time..I said there anything i can get from hotel ..or order..she said ...sir its too late...but they know one place..24hrs...I dint have car...stuck...looked at my face..undertood me..and said they can do it for me...can go and bring the food...I was amazed ...i know i cant sleep whole night if there is nothing in my stoumuch ...and i have to work next morning with something very new to me...So i accepted that offer ...and went to room thanking all the nice people i have seen in single day.

Just a day with nice people.....How much lucky i was ....Thanks guys.

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