Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Laugh at me

# At age 4 I was stuck (hanged) over the fence for half an hour because of my Christmas kinda undy which has thread ..and cause me hanged there while trying to jump over the fence of a closed park.

# When I went out for fishing at age about 12-13 …even though I was vegetarian but I used to like catching(hiding inside water) the slippery fish…unfortunately I actually cached a water snake(DhoDia)..not harmful ..but it was pretty scary to bring that up..saying..HEY GUYS I got some big fish…and it turned out to be snake…it does not bite ..just roared at me ..i threw 5 feet and came out of water screaming like hell…

# I climbed in cumini tree to get black cumins …I went all the way on the top of the tree…looked down …and that scared me like hell…could not dared to put my feet any up or down…eyes widened …telling all the bad words to myself and Thinking what the hell I have done..anyway …I did managed to get down..but laughed so hard at my foolish act of climbing on the top of the tree ..that to into a straight surface tree…

# Once group of friends dared to take bath in cold water at night during winter ..it was about 35F outside..and almost kinda zero inside ..it was middle of the night..we jumped into the tank…in a minute getting out was so tough…our hands and feet could work well…almost gotten straight…came out put ourselves in fire…and beat the guy who brought that freaking idea to us. We played a game called kabbaddi (In picture) whole night

# Once we went to riverside to pick Amrud( guava fruit) from someone else baaDi(farm)…we dint know rather than dog …this guy will have a wild bull in his field …man…looking at his horns…running at the speed of light towards us…made us scared to death…we run into the river straight….

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