Friday, March 23, 2007

I was happy because:

I have always been guy who listen and talk, sometime my talk takes in the form of speech, so called it it goes:

1. I felt happy when a small kid wanted to follow my dance at Deepu's marriage, and asked me how he is doing.
2. I felt happy when a 90 old lady wanted to hear about America, its people and its culture in my village.
3. I felt happy when i was learning ice skating almost gave up ..then cute girl came and ask to hold her hand and follow her.
4. I am happy bcz i got red eye during 3rd year college picnic to mandu and 3 of my juniors brought medicine and wanted to take care of me.
5. I am very happy bcz when i got headache my 3 year old cousin put the balm on my head and said...i will take for sleep bhaiya..
6. I am very happy for the first time i went to dance in America of the most beautiful girl wanted to dance with me if i don't mind...I danced 2 feet apart :))
7. I felt amazing when the morning rays came to my eyes while sleeping at tent in grand canyon..
8. I felt very happy when my middle school teacher proudly said to my high school teacher that..he is from my school..and i am proud of him.
9. I felt challenged and great, when my father challenged that ..shorted in life has no meanings..unless its knowledge...which is what i am gonna give my front of 7000 people.
10. I felt happy reading this line "Knowledge without communication is handicapped, and communication without knowledge is blunder" back in 1997 while reading "Reader's Digest".

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