Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Caste Hindus rape & kill Dalit mother, daughter

I dont know what do u call these!! I can say i am not proud of Indian specially Hindu.

Whats their Mistake, borne in lower caste.

The village of Khairlanji, near Nagpur, is an unremarkable settlement of brick huts and cement houses. Less than 200 families live here. Dirt roads run between flat farmlands, and the eye sees great sprawling distances.

There was always a gaping silence in this village, even before September 29 when an upper caste mob, according to eyewitnesses, paraded a mother and her 17-year-old daughter naked, raped and killed them. Two other members of the family, brothers aged 19 and 21 too were murdered. Their bodies were dumped in a canal.

Surekha, and 17-year-old Priyanka, a 12th standard topper, were paraded naked through the village. According to eye-witnesses, one of them was even strapped to a bullock cart.

They were then taken to a crude open-air theatre stage where, according to villagers, people yelled to the sarpanch to let them sexually assault the women. Meanwhile, Priyanka's brothers, 21-year-old Sudhir and 19-year-old Roshan, were murdered. After Priyanka and her mother were raped, they too were murdered.

The body of Priyanka was fished out from a canal on September 30. The other bodies were recovered a day later. In the hut of the Bhotmanges, a bottle of chilli powder is still spewed all over the dirty floor, supposedly used to disorient the women during their rape.

A red underwear is still crumpled in the corner next to the kitchen, and a wrench and a rolling pin lie askew in front of a scattered Buddhist altar. While the carnage was underway, the head of the family, Bhaiyyalal Bhotmange had managed to escape.

The first photographs of Priyanka's body, that were taken by a social organisation, showed rods sticking out from her genitals. But when her body was taken to the Mohadi hospital for the post-mortem, the sticks and rods had disappeared.

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:03 AM) : 

Dearest Om,
A quote by my favorite; "There is an obscenity of evil which contaminates the observer". That is what I always think when I hear of such senseless violence. I cannot even begin to ponder to understand what goes through their head when they do it, it makes me too sick. Even worse is not that they did it but how they are able to live afterwards with the memory and knowledge of it. For what reason?


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