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When is My Birthday??

Alright, So today I celebrated my birthday(According to certificate its XXXXXX ), Bullshit thing is i dont know whats my real birthday, thought of placing this question to Google Answer for $10.00 but lets see if u can think of what the hell happend to my birthday.

My Mother remembers as It was Chhath(6th day of moon, Dont know Krishnapaksh or ShuklaPaksh) of Aswin month, She dont know the year.
My father wrote as 6th day of Ashwin year 1977, He made it sure that According to Hindu Calendar your Rashi was Vrishabh and Grah was Rohini.

In year 1999, I went to Kotwal who keeps birth and death record for village. I saw his diary, written as Oct @3@ 1977. Could not believe,
Its 3rd or 30th, there are zeros crossed before and after 3. I assumed 30th, untill i dint find the moon calender for year 1977.

I was trying hard to calculate but gave up:

Here for those who dont know Hindi months:


So as above My birth was 6th Moon Light 1977 Vikram Savant 2034, National 1899, Shri Krishna 5232.
Sept 28th was Ashwin 6th Moon Light for year 2006.
I know Moon Year is 11 days shorter then Sun year, so in in 29 years 319 Days which is whole year +one month 349
But then Hindi calendar repeats one month every third year, means some hindu year are for 13 months.

According to one moon phase website:

Sounds like should be 18th Oct 1977 was 6th moon phase, since hindu month was not displayed in there, So keeping in mind Ashwin is either in Sept or Oct.

But Hindu Calender website even confused me with this data:

Oct 1977
Day Nakshatra Nak Ends Tithi Tithi Ends Yoga Yoga Ends Rasi Rasi Ends
3 ROHINI 12:06 6 23:17 VYATIPATA 01:04 VRISHA 01:36
30 ROHINI 19:36 3 11:09 VARIYAN 06:52 VRISHA 09:05
18 MULA 09:49 6 09:28 ATIGANDA 18:30 DHANUS 14:01

Sept 1977
3 BHARANI 22:17 6 04:30 DHRUV 14:33 MESHA 04:58

Considering all this, and making my birth according to Rashi, and forgetting about shuklapaksh or Krishnapaksh, My birth i am assuming.

Date Day Tithi Nakshatra Nak+Tithi Nak+Day Effect Good or Bad Yog Solar Malay Solar Tamil Solar Sans Start time Lunar Month Start Time tithi+day nak+day+tithi month+tithi month+nak
03 MO K06 Rohini Vardhamaan Vivaha Good KANNI... PURATASI ASVINA K.ASVINA Vishyog & Anishta Kumar Yog

Now to know some more about my birth details here is positions of grah:

Date Day Sun Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Moon Rahu Ketu Uranus Neptune Pluto
10/3/1977 Mon 05s15054' 05s03038' 04s18050' 02s24050' 02s11043' 04s03017' 01s17020' 05s21046' 11s21046' 06s16035' 07s20011' 05s20021'

Remaining Other funny details:
Your query date is 3, 10, 1977, Monday, AD, and your query time is 7 hrs, 15 minutes. The details asked is for Chennai whose latitude is 13.05 N, and longitude is +80.17 E .
Saka : 1899 .Vikrama: 2034. Kali Yuga: 5078. Samkranti: 1977, 9, 17.
Paksa: Krsnapaksa, Thithi: Sashti, 21, 20.3915226309214 .
Naksatra: Rohini, Karna: vaNij , Yoga: vyatIpAta
Moon House: Rishabha, 22 deg, 0 min, 18 sec. Amruth/Sidh Yoga: Amrita Yoga.
Thithi Now: 20.3915226309214
New Moon: Thursday, 13, October, 1977, 01:59:20, AM.
Full Moon: Thursday, 27, October, 1977, 05:05:19, AM.
Rahu Time: 07:28 AM-08:58 AM, Yama Kandam: 10:28 AM-11:58 AM.
Soolam: East, Parikar: Curd.

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