Monday, October 30, 2006

My BirthDay Wish This Year!!

Warning::::::I am really not interested in known gals, this is not for those whom i know already.

Ever since i opted to live public life leaving the life of being saint(Monk), I spended couple of years to find about myself in society, what i wanna be, a good son, a scientist, a teacher, a artist, so on and so forth until a good father, wo wo be a good father you need to be a good husband, to be a good husband you need to be with good women, to get a good women u need to be good intelligent and
smart person.

So i have been focusing on being good, smart and intelligent stuffs, good women will come once u are as u wanted to be, smart, good, Intelligent and earning.

Lot of gals came on my way and gone, some good some very good some bad, but without exception, equation dint get resolved, finally looked into solved exampled taking friends, relatives advice how they solved their maths/puzzel, but dint help.

I am digging myself to find out first time I liked a girl was at age 14, thought its not appropriate...will loose focus from study and will get bad names :((

lot of infatuations happened in between high school and higher secondary, some girls came and gave attentions, buuuuuuuuut.. na ...not my type :((

In college, lil bit frustreted, you need to have gal friend, yaar, money, bike, time, I dint have those, for messing up myself with choosing girlfriend or being ..whatever... all girls... friend.. but no galfriends :((

Came to Job, First marriage proposal as soon as i joined the company, Good gal, everything was great...but..yeaaaaaaaaaahh...I am marriage wanna see life :((

After few more months, I liked someone, she thought i am looking for someone one to spend life with...Oh no...again...Its not gonna work..Indian Culture, Caste :((

Thought its bad idea, focus on career, and social work, Did hell lot of work, became secretory of College Alumni in Mumbai(300 members), secretory of CG society, Created Socity of our people, became popular...spended next two years doing all these, here lecture there programs, touring arround trusts for orphans, handicaped been active member of helpinghands, Mother Theresa ashram visting member New Mumbai, Panvel so and so forth.

During these year, got some kind of proposal for kinda engaze but no commitement and promise...thought its better....been in that relation for next 5 years......enejoyed my days and days and days....not looking for someone ....but then things were not happening...that i wanted...something magic should i was as i ......

Recently, Someone hit my head..BANG..oh my god....

What am I looking for??? friend, girlfriend, dont know man...confused....

But sure I am looking for:

Nice (Should not bother with meeting different kind of people of deferent
levels (background, social, economical etc))
Beautiful (Butterface will do but no fat, it turns me off)
Intelligent (Enough to calculated money for shopping grocery while shopping her
beauty futy stuffs)
Understanding (means plz dont take my dreams, and i am sure i wont take urs)

To be my friend, my girlfriend, my wife (last option :))

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:56 PM) : 

Thats not good.That you closed the sign for alreday known gals :-)
Just kidding.. I wish u get ur kinnnda girl. I have been in US fir almost 3 years now.. Came with Husband. Have been working here.. Your rocking life looks very similar what my husband keeps telling about his good old days as bachelor..
About finding the gal.. My advice.. Dont find her.. She will just come right banging on you. Yeah such things happen.. you dont go looking for them...
All the best


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