Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I am Om, Before my country, religion and class!!!!

The photo shows, how innocent we were and borne with no country, religion and class, but as i get the name third day, i got everything in registration, Okay, I am Indian, thank god i belongs to sect not religion which does not follow the bad things of any religion and follows the good things of every religion, we believes "There is only one GOD and thats TRUTH", as i grew up i started seeing classes based on birth place, economy, social status, I hated those whenever these things came on my way.

After coming to US, i don't know every other day, i see one or other form of different things which makes me feel bad, is it race?? NO, is it color?? Somewhat, is it culture they think every Indian has ?? YES for many things....i am getting typecasted by these..which has no belongings to me ...How come some girl came enjoyed her time ..unless ..i said I am Indian, Her very first question was, You guys like serving women, u guys cook, u guys don't like beef, don't eat non-veg so on so forth?? Man i got irritated ..if u have heard of these things and wanna get assured ur knowledge is right might be true for many cases, But every individual is different, right? his believes on what he does and like dislike is more important than any of typecasted things.

For me, I have been in US for 3 years, I love this country, not because i have better paying job here, better infrasture to enjoy, life is fun and easy here...NO ...BIG NO....My initial and still the motivation to come in this country was "THIS COUNTRY IS PLACE OF HEROES" million heroes has been borne in this country and created the wonders, if not borne ..they came here to things...I salute USA for being such a nice country and leader.

As for as my country India, everyone knows India is great country by culture, food religion and people, but truly assumed as poor and backward country.... for those who think like this....please see statistics, India is having 750 millions people happily living, there are poor and backward by infrasture, so what, we dint know whats growth was for atleast 300 years, we are catching up...and i am pretty sure ..India will be developed country before i will see my grand son/daughter.

Lets stop here...will talk some other time..

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