Wednesday, October 25, 2006

FaceBook vs. MySpace vs. Orkut.

Personally, I started liking facebook even though i am quite new to it. I have most of my friends and alumni at Orkut, i keep in touch with that, then comes
myspace, i joined that last year mostly bcz of curiosity but it was so so...most of the people are living in dream there, thatswhy i liked myspace to. I have got hell lot of friends but none of them are real. Its so funny, when u keep in touch u dont feel something but to just wow, what a page, what a music and then i think its too much, lets get out from here.

Orkut, When i dint have invitation i was begging, but when i got, i immediately get in touch with my friends allover the world, out of my class of 56, 40 of them living outside of our home country its sad. And my whole batch of 300 in Engineering atleast 200 are out. Anyway so with every other batch i know 3 year ahead and 3 year later. All are there, its so good to keep in touch with real people you know them, you lived with them, you have shared good and bad times together. So I loved orkut.

But, I was looking for more on Orkut, like blog and photos, there are only scraps, which is open to public, somewhat good and somewhat bad. Dont have blog so if u like writing blogs then need to go somewhere else.

However with all this in here and there, I got introduced to Facebook by my friend. My school, college or work none were in facebook, so once it became public, i got invitation to join. Joined with curiosity, and my curiosity is on. I have not invited any of my friends here, since let them be there since i liked orkut as well.

For me


Better Deal with privacy if u want.

Thanks, I will be here.

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:25 PM) : 

I am yet to understand what would make me to love facebook :) as I have mentioned here.


Blogger Kannan Kartha said ... (7:43 AM) : 

But was it not the openness of Orkut it's trump card to success?

I am not personlly favoring Orkut, but registration in Facebook looked intimidating to me.

Like Nitin said, may be the professional look has given Facebook more chance in US than Orkut. May be MySpace scores better than these two for it's customisability.


Anonymous Kajol said ... (6:18 AM) : 

I m still undestanding what make twitter rocks.Twitt the Twitter is best quote.


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