Wednesday, October 25, 2006

101 things About me!!

I firmly believe that friendship is the most precious relationship in this world and I m very very very lucky to have some true friends...what a true friend can do for u, cannot be done by anyone ELSE!!!On Request of My friends I am writing this to tell 101 things about me, actual work is somewhere else this one is a copy of that.

1. The youngest memory I have of myself is putting my hand on the hot cooking pan to take hot vegetable out to eat at age of 3, I still have the burnt mark on my right hand.
2. At age of four, I was stuck on fence while jumping over it to go to closed park, my new snicker was the reason to stick and I was hanged there for half an hour, no one knows this but me
3. I was under impression that frog is actually fish at a young age, by looking at there young frogs.
4. I have never believed in magic but always enjoyed it.
5. I didn't know how to write Hindi or English until 11th birthday.
6. I have no primary education, directly went to 5th board exam, however, I have cleared it with me as a teacher in just 4-5 months.
7. I had the lowest mark 4/50 in 9th and highest 72/75 in 10th class on same subject mathematics.
8. I used to wear the only dhoti during my age 8 till 11
9. I have given Pravachan at the young age of 10 to teach from life of our Guru, sometimes I have done it for hours with music instruments for crowd at least thousand.
10. I am a palmist
11. I taught myself palmistry for two years during my high school.
12. I was cultural Secretary and School President during my high school and higher secondary.
13. I used to make sketch on plastic playing cards, and make murty (Mud made structure), paper arts
14. My First public speech against social and economic based discrimination was at age 13.
15. First time I saw city(Raipur) was at age 17th, My source of knowledge was completely based on DD1 and Local news daily,
16. I dint have single friend outside my school and around until college, now I have lot of friends in every continent.
17. I love kids, but I am not sure I wanted for myself.
18. I don't like watching TV anymore, However, I have learned a lot from it until college. Now my computer with the internet has replaced the place of TV.
19. I used to like a girl at age 14 but I was so sure about it that involving into relationship Boyfriend-Girlfriend will make me poor in studies and I will get bad name since it was none existent in my place.
20. My first friend as a girl was actually pushed by my friends, and I was enjoying the status that, Oh I have a girl as a friend during college.
21. I love swimming, water sports are my favorite, bcz that’s the only thing I used to do every day, bicycling was another part of the routine.
22. I have done babysitting at age of 7 and also between age 13-16th.
23. I have done all kind of agricultural work from plowing to cutting; ridding bullock cart was my favorite things.
24. My favorite actors are Tom Hanks and Amitabh Bachchan
25. I have never danced until 18th but now I know a lot of dance.
26. I am a big fan of rice and homemade food; I love to cook but experimental to try something different.
27. I have only known to food made locally, no fast-food etc, Sweets, Milk, Ghee all those were luxury, so I never developed the taste for those, By now I have eaten in almost all kind of restaurant, I hate Mc Donald, I have been there just 4-5 times in my whole life. I don’t like cheese or oil.
28. I love traveling, for anything from park(nature) to dark(nightlife), people(culture) to place(History, Arch)
29. Every time you see my music collection there is always new in my list I love all kind of music.
30. I have inspired by a lot of autobiographies.
31. My favorite authors are Ravindranath Tagore, Premchand, and Ayn Rand.
32. I am going to give these 101 things about me as a gift to myself this birthday.
33. I have owned 6 cars in 3 years and driven almost all affordable brands, I love driving.
34. I have 30 socks, 30 underwear, 30 banyan(ganzi) exact in numbers and enough clothes to do laundry once a month.
35. I have 30GB of Songs(mp3), 1200 Video Songs.
36. I couldn’t sleep early in Hotels bcz of the mattress in the hotel, its too soft, I sleep in the floor, I have tried air bed, cheap water bed, mattress, but nothing can beat the floor with the sleeping bag.
37. I used to woke up early 6AM during School days, Nowadays awake until 6AM during weekends like today I am doing to write this.
38. I love talking to people, but I can’t talk more than 10 minutes on phone.
39. I used to woke up early 6AM during School days, Nowadays awake until 6AM during weekends like today I am doing to write this.
40. I don’t respect money, but I know its value, every year or two I lose money for no reason, last time I lost was 1200$ for unwanted tax bcz I bought a car from eBay, before that was 1800$ bcz of mechanic screwed up with my car’s engine and transmission.
41. I had won BMW in eBay auction, My current car is Solara Sports 2002, its so light I get scared for driving more than 85mph.
42. I have been off the road twice during snow while driving double the speed permissible, but I got a ticket for just 71mph on the interstate.
43. My first email was opened in Sept 1996.
44. I always believe there is good in everyone. Sometimes it's impossible to find it though.
45. I have no regrets.
46. We used to have a Bull named '', he was a very understanding fellow, when we sold that for my higher studies, he does not want to leave us wasn’t moving even 5 people were trying to take out, that was very emotional to us.
47. I am always late for School, College, Office, but early for parties.
48. I have slept in classes, meetings and office, but when I woke up after sleep my mind works double the speed, so I have never left behind.
49. My High school teachers know about me sleeping in class, one day I visited his house, his wife told me the whole story and I was shocked that, he thinks its okay since I might have finished that lesson.
50. That was true during school times, we never had our courses finished 50% and there were hardly few teachers for courses like science and maths.
51. My lady math’s teacher was from city could not stay for more than 3 months in village school, but she was almost crying while saying goodbye to me, she said take care of urself you can go anywhere u want.
52. Here is funny one with request of friends...I have changed 5+5+2 house in 3 years. I mean moved different house almost every 3 months on average.


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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:49 PM) : 

sweeettt.. It seems you have stayed in Village in soemtime in ur life.. Only a villager can so honest and pure.
I loved ur list...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:36 PM) : 

Man gaya dost. Tumharay baray mein jo janta tha..sab kuchh tum ne likh diya hai. Satyamev Jayate. -Rana


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:05 PM) : 

Ek ganv se itne dur pahunch pana apne aap me ek garv ki baat hai...

mai bhi ek ganv ka rahne wala hoon abhi M.Tech. IT in Bioinformatics (Indian Institute of Information Technology Allahabad) kar raha hoon.
Ravi Kumar Manhar (chhattishgarh)


Blogger Sanjeev said ... (2:07 AM) : 

Bahot Badiya ...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:31 AM) : 

What is going on with this site?


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