Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Corruption Everywhere...

India is birthplace for many religion, where we think this makes us moral than others, and we respect the basic of all religion ..the Truth, moral behavior, and serving the humanity...but rather than that...I guess Dalai Lama is telling the truth

  1. Religious devotion doesn't always translate into strong moral ethic..So we are not
  2. Among Indians. “Corruption by a supposedly religious-minded person is really a disgrace,”
  3. Although the first thing many Indians do when they wake up is pray..but still corrupt.
  4. Part of the problem “many people have the impression that [moral ethics] have to be based on religious faith. That is very narrow.”

Look at graph..though PM is on top..i dont wanna say he is corrupt, but he is the one who is running the whole system...control..Mr PM..whoever now..when..and then...

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