Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's shame we have to see this day...

Well getting lot of tweets, face messages and forwarded emails...everyone is talking about .corruption...it's currently India' s second struggle for independence ...

What a shame... We have come to see this day...someone send me email saying English came to India and it took 200 years to take whatever we used to call "sone kee chidiyaa" turn into poor country...they took about 1 lac crore rupee ...and it seams corruption took
About 280 lac crore in 60 years....

In reality..India became more poor and more corrupt...country..by saying honest people became poor and corrupt people rich and holding power, money and politics. How sad is that ..when we got independence we relied on these rich..educated people and politician to build this country..but they build their big kothari, big thaili ..big hands to ask for vote and money..for everything...

First of all ..do I feel what Anna jee is feeling ...may be yes...but do I feel more about our forefathers seen...I dream about that everyday...
They gave people the key to everything ...vote...be honest and elect honest ....we failed...so they failed....

Do I think ..lokpal can be greater then democratically elected members...no ...not at all...but we have not solved the problem by these people in so many years....I don't see future...

I feel it will be worst thing to do that..we create another body which will have power over members elected by the people...for the people...
..but in current scenario ..sarkari ..sevak ..naukari kartey hain aur sahib samajhatey hain...

So may be Anna jee will bring lokpal and hope this will cut some rope for this idiots.

---written from my ipad--Om

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Something about pads, slates and tabs

I think after using pads, slates and tabs ..I feel apple has definitely fixed the future for few year...considering that what other manufacturer for both OS or device can learn something.

1. Device
Make is less than 200$, 16gb, wifi
For 250$ 3G and or 32gb

.2. OS:---You need ten things to take care that's it.
1) Speed
2) no crappy touch screen, or resolution.
3) social ..Facebook, twitter, email client
4) creativity.. Camera with edit and basic enhancement feature.
5) productivity. Office and PDF reader
6) browser capable of running current 90% web content.
7) game ...some emulation is enough..if u Want to sale apps then current platform are doing good.
8) education.. Should have apps education I.e. Calculator graphs ..grading, book reader
9) ebook reader... All of platform already has...bn, kindle ePub
10) music and video....most basic mp3 player has.

I guess all are not much to ask....
Microsoft can do it...just release it for less than 250 ..else u know HP has most of it and failed ..but price drop made everyone to run for it.

---Written from my ipad

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Corruption Everywhere...

India is birthplace for many religion, where we think this makes us moral than others, and we respect the basic of all religion ..the Truth, moral behavior, and serving the humanity...but rather than that...I guess Dalai Lama is telling the truth

  1. Religious devotion doesn't always translate into strong moral ethic..So we are not
  2. Among Indians. “Corruption by a supposedly religious-minded person is really a disgrace,”
  3. Although the first thing many Indians do when they wake up is pray..but still corrupt.
  4. Part of the problem “many people have the impression that [moral ethics] have to be based on religious faith. That is very narrow.”

Look at graph..though PM is on top..i dont wanna say he is corrupt, but he is the one who is running the whole system...control..Mr PM..whoever now..when..and then...

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