Wednesday, June 23, 2010

why I choose iPhone vs other smartphone.

I wrote an article back in 5/2007 What should be my new phone!!! , but i had thought about this since 2004, that time none of these were there. I chose HTC Wizard in 2005 then best, kept until chose blackberry, i was happy with that, but still missing something.

I was still in laptop for many things which i wanted to have in phone. I had most of application i use today in my current phone, skype, browsing, video, radio and online radios on htc wizard (Cingular 8125).

But still lacking, great feeling of touch phone, bad keyboard, sluggish programs, really bad multitasking, worst of all poor browsing.

Last year i jumped into finally a phone i like so far best iPhone 3GS( was waiting for apple to build something they have thought 3 years ago but will do in steps so people keep buying. Example, iPad there will be sure better screen and camera.).

And now i am so happy with iPhone buying iPhone 4 waiting for delivery :))

Whats best......Everything i said worst in other phones

1) Great browsing
2) Best touch the multi-touch
3) Great Music Player
4) Great Video Player
5) Great Apps thats runs fast and efficient.
6) Great Camera (iPhone 4)

What i do with all that...

1) Listen to music while jogging running
2) bathroom news reading
3) bedtime RSS reading.
4) playing with apps and learning things differently (earth, materials, science, politics, books).
5) taking pictures everywhere ..very impressive (Look here its mine from iPhone)

Whats new i am going to do with it...

1) Free phone...installed icall(free with advertisement) and skype (Free toll free number calling)
2) Facetime ..long waited.
3) few movie clips of my own (apart from my Canon T2i, and Sony Fx1)
4) more apps, books, fun, games

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