Sunday, March 15, 2009

Philosophy of Education

Life has been influenced by things i have learn...which is the most i consider to respect, it does not matter its school or self or what you see, Here is my favorite quote:

"What nutrition and reproduction are to physiological life, education is to social life. This education consists primarily in transmission through communication. Communication is a process of sharing experience till it becomes a common possession."

When Daily Routine Was Dependent on TV

I woke up at 6AM, came to look out of my beautiful apartment windows which is currently facing the nice small man made pond ...enough to call it lake, It was still Dark. Thought lets sleep its Saturday anyway, Next body clock woke me up with my daily work alarm ...thank god it was off, so just made myself easy took water and slept call to getup was 10:15AM, issss...i lost so much of my morning.

Anyhow, The topic is about me, my childhood and my beautiful village, so does i gues it will be sharing 80% of people in India who has TV or Radio at least.

Year...1982-83 ..I was still young about 5 or 6 year old, but still remember my nanijee (maternal grand ma) used to make morning breakfast while there was beautiful tune of RAMAYAN was on air ...and used to say...Tulsidas ramcharitmanas.

Year 1985-90s...exact i wont say but..sure it was when i TV was new to most peoples life and RAMAYAN on TV was there things which will set ur breakfast, daily plan and afternoon meal.

Year 90-94...again around ..MAHABHARAT.....It was tune which dictated my routine as well...begining of highschool ...managing homework, mahabharat and setting up weekend getting up and sleeping before time :)

Today there is no such interest..and also at fingertip internet can play anything anytime :)

But i missed that..when i slept and felt not much of my day today.