Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Change we have seen! US Election 2008

This is my second election to see in US in last 5 years and this was something new , like watching what history is going to talk about for years to come in world. 

US election 2000 was something, people remember that It only happens in US when winner(Bush 47.87%) was actually looser(to Al Gore 48.38%)  by popular vote. 

2008 election is history in many sense:

1) Obama a black President
2) A mix like most American, A Muslim decendent, A Man from more than one country in last two generation,A black and white combination.

Above All looking the picture above, more than anywhere in US, DC hates Bush so much that most people voted for Obama.

Means, Change was definitely needed.

**** More later.

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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Divide to Conquer, Unite to Rule :- The Views

The Rules? An views over many rules on which many people have Conquered the lands, the peoples and the souls.

It comes from the past, the present and it will be in future.

History tells us, kingdom has been made and destroyed based on that...for example in a single land called India has been conquered several times because people have been accepted the division based on Region, believes(class and castes) .

What they want to achieve?

POWER thats the factor ..which drives someone to rule....

Topic those are covered zillion times......Did we cover

Ruling Soul

I am going to talk about terms what bad people does...not what good people does.

Kill Man’s Integrity,
watch the movie called "scent of women" Al Pacino...You will understand how to save man's integrity.

Kill Man’s Sense Of Values
---Be leader if you cherish mediocrity for your lifetime, you will never understand you knew something. Have the guts to stand behind your own words.

Kill By Laughter
---Never laugh at person who is down to earth or being respectful. Belittling, manipulating and bullying others is a sign of weakness.

Kill Man’s Joy In Living
Never remember the episodes of guilt in your happiness. Think about the difference you can make in the lives of those who count on you.

Take Reason Away From Men
know why you believe what you are saying.

Make Men Work For Prestige, Not Money
A soldier can tell you that.

last and most

Divide And Conquer, Then Unite And Rule

*****Explained on Om's Law.

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