Friday, January 04, 2008

Om on wheels !

One of the biggest invention by mankind is wheel, ever since its existence people are trying to run as fast as they could on earth.

My journey on wheel started when i first made my own bullock cart by mud clay about age 5-6 and bought wheel from market 25 paise (0.4 cents) for 4 wheels.

I learned bicycle late like age 13, but ride bullock cart at age 7-8...its been always fun remembering things which counts.

At one point i was coming from Bombay to my hometown and it happened to be my luck i started talking to my co- passenger on Indian Railways, we started discussing about electric locomotives and how i had finished my graduation in electrical engineering and did training on electric motors..he found me interesting enough and offered to take me to engine cabin..he is employed by Indian railway as electric locomotive driver for the same division..and explained me how does railway signals and speed wheel works to control and I drove the rail engine with his instruction offcourse for about 5 minute and made speed 65KM near dongargard to further 85KM/ was kind of lifetime experience.

I was inspired to write this sometime..some of my friends says do it ...and then today when i was driving newly rented Buick Enclave ...and felt this car both right and left mirror needs to be placed below the position currently it has...because during turns blocks the view of curbs ...

I can give fair opinions about cars, I think so..because i have driven almost all major brands and their major models...I have rented with almost all car rental company in US and bought car from all possible sources..i.e. personal, dealer, craigslist, car websites ...even Ebay. I have personally owned 7 different cars in 3.5 years and rented atleast 50-60 times...I have never bought new cars because i rent and use them. I have not made money or lost its total + - deal but i have enjoyed in that process buying and selling cars. Here are the pictures of about 80% of the wheels which i have tried, It took me about 3 hours to collect the pictures of the cars which have driven..same year, model and colors matched in picture then making of collage.

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