Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Learn about yourself to get enlightement !!!

Over the year in school we learned about languages ,arts, maths & science ..these are more than basic to understand how to learn about yourself. We discover ourself in land where we could see what is that we are craving for? Knowledge, fame, love, money, power...etc.

In the next level of journey to acquire more about what we want ..we focus on specialty skills..that will give us tool to access what we want.

Lot of people lost themselves here and forgets the true meaning of life which we can only know after learning about ourself.

It is not enough to learn a specialty, You may become a kind of useful machine but not a harmoniously developed personality.

It is essential that the you acquire an understanding of and a lively feeling for values.

You must acquire a vivid sense of the beautiful and of the morally good.

Otherwise you - with your specialized knowledge - more closely resembles a well-trained dog than a harmoniously developed person.

You must learn to understand the motives of human beings, their illusions and their sufferings, in order to acquire a proper relationship to yourself.

--------Writing this 2 tell what are the motives of human beings, their illusions and their sufferings...

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Monday, December 17, 2007


After long time, i could not control laughing over someones name...please no offense...whoes name has been mentioned ....its sometime frustrating to hear the name you dont want and people gives you...but sometime its all there love..by name they can call...I have been called by many names in school..most common was my last name ..then Colonel O.P. Baghel. Here are some funny ones really funny...

Alok Mishra : Ponga :
Alok Ranjan : Chhuchhundar
Amol Arya : Aandu :
Bipin Kumar Sinha : Bakri :
Dilip Kumar : Jagga chor :
Divyanshu Goel : Golu :
Hitesh Longiyani : Mickey :
Kumar Mrinal : Haathi :
Manish Prakash : Billi :
Manoj Kumar : Baba :
Pramod Prasun : ET(Extra Terrestrial),Podi
Pratyush Chatterjee : Babu :
Prosenjit Ghosh : Pom
Rahul Kumar : Rikki :
Rajeev Kumar : Chunchun :
Sanjay Kumar Linda : baaua :
Sanjeet Singh : Jamindar :
Srikanta Saha : Mahabangali :
Sudhir Kumar Sinha : Dehati :
Sushant Sinha : Chuha :
Vijay Prakash : Natu :

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Friday, December 07, 2007

The Endup

After 12 hours of work everyday for last two weeks, I wanted to give myself a weekend i could remember so decided to go to a music concert. After working til 7:30PM on, I printed the ticket for the event 'Energy 92.7FM Anniversary Blast 2007'.

One of the nice song i loved there "TIMBALAND ft. ONE REPUBLIC - APOLOGIZE (LENNY B. RADIO MIX)"

It was great performance by David Guetta, Kaskade, Richard Vission, September, Taylor Dayne, Chris Willis, Jupiter Rising, Chris Clouse, Trevor Simpson, Dimitris Mykonos and more...

Taylor Dayne-Tell It To My Heart

September - Cry for you

THE WORLD IS MINE - David Guetta

After the performance, which ended at 2AM, i was pretty hungry someone told me there is very nice 24 hour open Indian Restaurant in the city
i should try at the concert, i thought its nice idea.

The line was huge, for the order, I was in queue expecting at least 20-30 minute before i can order and then another 20-30 minute to get my food, don't wanna get bored in line so with friendly smile i started talking to some people who were ahead of me, they came from some art exhibition, one lady was Artist, another was Admission officer, and the guy was skateboard rider in the hills of SF. They looked pretty confused in ordering food, one lady do not want to have curry or rice ..and meat...big trouble at Indian Restaurant...because thats what pretty much u can get in US...so told her have Samosha :)

So it was beginning of our conversation and told them i am going to join their table which they happily accepted..It was very nice having someone to have dinner with specially when its crowded or empty.

We talked on variety but one thing stuck in my mind....

After going through a lot of question answer on how and what is essential for women to get married to guy...She said lot of things but

One great thing she said.."Sufficient Money"....

Om:- What is meaning of "Sufficient" here?

Means..When I am at the dinner table with my loved one...I don't have to look at money in my pocket or think about bills that are due..

Om:- mmhhhmmmhhh

That..I never have to borrow or take credit(money) for my daily needs.


I don't have to save or cut my pocket for gift on festivals or birthdays...

Om:-Very nice

That I can give good life to my kids ..not luxury but their needs/essentials are fulfilled without asking :)

Om:-) Huge Smile ...and felt really nice ...meeting that person...she is happily married to someone for 10 years..and living her great life with generosity in smile...that drown me towards her.

I felt I had great weekend...which Ended up really nice!!!

Monday, December 03, 2007

My Love To Electronic Music

Back in days for rural population, when this English music were available thru Short Wave Radio's in India, Some time late in the nights when receptions used to be good ...i used listen...I had this thought whoever bringing this music must be genius...thanks to those genius who invented electronic synthesizer...and now with computer we have the widest and greatest opportunity to create music as and what we like..sometime we want to play our own old favorites songs with music we want to listen.

My Journey EDM ->
1990-1995 Unknown Artists in Short Wave Radio's
1995-1999 Few to name ...but in the form or electronic and new age, Yanni and Enigma
1999-2004 Mostly this was the time i started dancing in weddings and started discorvering Electronic music, thanks to Indian DJ specially DJ Aqeel, DJ Suketu and DJ Nasha,
Most influential at the time was in 2000 Darude-Sandstorm, then were many at once in Goa, but not remember anybody's name.
2004-2007 Came to US, couldn't believe what i saw...Hip-Hop was ruling everywhere, was in love with POP, LOVE, BLUES and Many of Hip Hop to,
Then came to the world of free music thru internet downloaded my songs ..at the this i downloaded eurodance party music almost 2000
songs, kept my computer on for a week to finish download all those songs.
Introduced to website who compares and talks about DJs, loved to many. No doubt there rating is close to what most like and who is ruling for example...I love Armin's music ...but dint know the song i like the most was by DJ Shah....

Best time i had when i got company in Cleveland with bunch of my good European American friends..traveled with them to listen music around US. our ultimate goal were always the best of music we wanna hear.

Here are list of DJs i have seen personally. I have been to shows in most of DJs, I enjoy the energy and company of friendly people ..who are in love with dance and music.


No one can come close to this three.

Deep Dish
Carl Cox
Ferry Corsten
Paul Oakenfold
Above And Beyond
David Guetta
Benny Benassi
Chemical Brothers
Dj Shah
Richard Vission
4 Strings

Many others, I have seen most of DJs live..they all rocks.