Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Internet-based virtual world !!

virtual Google map :))

When my friend told she is working for Internet-based virtual world website's auction portal. I had no surprise or things to understand immediately understand the whole concept... when 3D graphics is in place for years, multi player gaming with avatar are available and social networking websites are booming...

then combining all why not the virtual word!

I am thinking of owning a virtual land which will cost me actual $$$.
Really there you have to buy in $, and start doing :)

1. Open a school
2. Recruit teachers
3. Take students in my school
4. make them graduate and knowledgeable for things that they would have never imagined!!

I am thinking of taking admission in virtual medical college and become doctor there, and with that knowledge treat myself in actual!!


Here is how virtual google map :))

Anyway here is my findings with Internet-based virtual world .

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