Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What is the one thing you are craving for ???

What is the one thing you are craving for??

What are you doing for this?
How far you have gone?
Do you need guidance or encouragement?

Success is first implemented in mind than in real world to be seen by others, It means unless you dream for something; You can't achieve it, and to achieve it
what you should do??

  1. Have your dream alive, no matter how difficult situations you have.
  2. Everything is manifestation of your thoughts, so shape it positively.
  3. Listen to your heart and mind, have enough time for yourself, pay yourself for it.


Monday, October 22, 2007

Natural (read as Nature-Oral) Orgasm :-))

Nature->My first love, whenever i am around you...you always bring me the 'Moments Of Ecstasy'!! in my eyes in my mind in my thought so in my world! Thank you.

Here is Panorama where i was...(Needs quicktime)!!



When you start to know somebody...out of whatever we know the form of understanding to someone makes to appreciate for good cause and thats beginning of liking and liking grows into love.

Hurt->Apologize->little good->forgiving->Like->Love

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Internet-based virtual world !!

virtual Google map :))

When my friend told she is working for Internet-based virtual world website's auction portal. I had no surprise or things to understand immediately understand the whole concept... when 3D graphics is in place for years, multi player gaming with avatar are available and social networking websites are booming...

then combining all why not the virtual word!

I am thinking of owning a virtual land which will cost me actual $$$.
Really there you have to buy in $, and start doing :)

1. Open a school
2. Recruit teachers
3. Take students in my school
4. make them graduate and knowledgeable for things that they would have never imagined!!

I am thinking of taking admission in virtual medical college and become doctor there, and with that knowledge treat myself in actual!!


Here is how virtual google map :))


Anyway here is my findings with Internet-based virtual world .

Monday, October 15, 2007

I have got complement & !complement.

1. You can't understand 50% of what Om Says, and remaining 50% can be misunderstood/mistaken!!

2. Om ..you can relate to So many people...it does not matters from India or America :)

3. Spend your day with Om...you will forget looking in same direction...

4. You listen to everybody and give shit to it for no reason...and that makes me feel..you are awsome!

5. You have got life..and anybody who is around you feels alive with that...

6. I love you Om!

7. You are my best friend ever!

8. Shut up!! You are crazy!!

9. bullshit !! Oh actually Crap!!! ...Oh no...I like that!!

10. What the F*K ...You can be awesome politician!! ..but your motivational speeches ...an an...It sound different ...will give thought!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Driving @ 'crookedest street in the world' Lombard St San Fran

Scared to death at 10:30 PM driving unknowingly ...worst thing was ..it was light rain drops on road..and i managed to drive ...even scary one road which was i am sure more then 45 degree.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Personality Quotient PQ = IQ+EQ+SQ+HQ !!

Here here is my another funda...Om's classic!!!!

A person can have personality that can attract someone on the basis of their Personality Quotient(PQ) which is sum of IQ, EQ, SQ, and HQ.


PQ=Personality Quotient
IQ=Intelligence Quotient
EQ=Emotional Quotient
SQ= Social Quotient
HQ= Humor Quotient

To hear more about this stay tuned to my blog!!!

Learning basic maths froom Om

class 1 you learn numbers

0, 1, 2, 3, 4....9

class 3 you learn additions


class 5 you learn multiplications means you learned shortcut for addition

4 + 4+ 4=3•4

class 8 you learn Exponents(power) means you learned shortcut for multiplication

2•2•2 =23

class 10 you learn Logarithm means you learned shortcut for exponents


and in class 12 you learn use of all this classics

Classic use of log

How long would it take a town of 2000 people to grow to 2500 people at a rate of 7% annually?

Soln: use log with P=P0(1+r)?

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

My Birthday wish this year-2007!!!

My purpose in my life has always been about recognition, like little kid who smiles with cute and naughty face amongst sibling to be heard more from parents or like a student who raise his hands to answer the question..in school.

I look for recognition in peoples eye with respect to:

Knowledge:->For deep and thoughtful communication, Its must.
Money:->...Yes..I should have potential to earn money.
Fun:-> I see it like...if my work is appreciated than why not the fun i have in life...always enjoying and entertaining myself.

Recognition is directly related to respect and fame....in other word...i know people knows me well for what i am...and will remember if they have shared a moment with me...

Recognition is about positive impression

Most things you do in life are at their best when you truly impress others with them...&&&
Recognition is about positive impression build upon:

and Sympathy...which impresses you all the time!!!


Monday, October 01, 2007

You Guys Made my days!!!

Dearest friends,
You guys don't know how great i felt... when you guys spend you two days with me...as my last days in Cleveland.