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Left flays govt decision to issue IPO power sector


Left flays govt decision to issue IPO power sector

Common guys.....shoot your thoughts!!


This is devastating......of Communists

On 2/8/07, Vaddadi, Viswanath (CT) wrote:

This is devastating…on Communists'!!
"Its' like old horses neighing on the cart too to quit" - Vishyism

Anupam strikes

Haha - whose-ever's idea this is, its a good one.
Usually, IPO is when a company issues fresh shares to the public to raise capital. A disinvestment is when the owners sell a part of their holdings to the public.

There's a saying - the government has no business to be in business.
Our Manmohan Singh and PC are going for a 'hybrid IPO' (for lack of a better word) to get around the Left's opposition to disinvestment - which is ultimately disinvestment under the guise of an IPO :))
Its a nice creative solution - need more of these to circumvent the foolish but powerful leftists.

The Vishyism is a bit complex for me - can you please elaborate?

- Anupam

Anupam again

Very apt for the evil leftists!

On 2/8/07, Vaddadi, Viswanath :
Its' like old horses cribbing....lazy to run and not letting the cart to carry on with some other
puller...say atleast donkeys.

Vishy shoots now...

I do not blame them completely as ours' is a democratic setup and everyone has the right to participate
but the thing is....who should take the responsibility to counteract on their sayings' and prove them wrong,
keeping in view of the current scenarios' in growth of economies.

Anupam adds value

wait...let me add 'Om' to this...we'll get an offhand political view...atleast I expect so....

I will agree that we operate under a democratic setup.
But what gets my goat is that they oppose the very policies their state government implements in West Bengal. Buddhadeb is one of the best - if not the best CM we have today.
Why is something that is good for Calcutta bad for the country?

Also, their 'ostrich's-head-in-the-sand' attitude in foreign policy: Openly supporting Iran and just needing a reason to blast western countries (mainly US). The there is their blind hatred for capitalism. We all know how much Kerala has progressed by implementing commuist policies. At least Buddhadeb has the wisdom to try something new - Calcutta was a sad reminder of how India looked 100 years back under Jyoti Basu.

But what I hate most is that they would anyday sell their country if it benefits China in anyway. Ask any Left party member and he will still say that India got its just desserts in the 1962 war - this is the kind of 'democracy' we allow.

- Anupam

nice thought......

On 2/8/07, Anupam wrote:
Vishy, to answer your question in the earlier email:
who should take the responsibility to counteract on their sayings' and prove them wrong,
keeping in view of the current scenarios' in growth of economies.

The communists' way of doing things is through strikes. Just keep the union leaders in your party and keep the people poor. Oppose anyone who gets rich and portray the rich as looters.
The answer to your question lies all around you. What was it that changed after 1991? We started moving towards capitalism and away from Leftism, from license raj.

China - is supposed to be communist. Look at its policies - it is even more capitalist than the US. 10.7% growth rate for a 1.3 billion strong country - WOW!!!!
When Deng Xio Ping picked up after Mao Tse Tung and starting leaning towards capitalism, people around him started complaining that some people are getting rich quicker than the others - something communism (equal distribution of wealth) - is very opposed to. He was able to respond saying - let them get rich first, as everyone cannot rise at the same time.

Again double standards from our left parties. They want to emulate China in all respects, but not this.

- Anupam

Its' now Om's turn......!!

Here's My Two Indian paise for this:

Khishyani Billi Khanba Noche and Scared cat on Rocking chair, Left has lost voice in country ever since China story and people are seeing the result in West Bengal, at one time Kolkata was India's Capitol, was contact to world, Kolkata was having most modern facility, the tram, metro, city of palace and gardens, no doubt but true, they forget the world called everything is moving towards capitalism, atleast not 40 year before, but they have example of Russia and China, now they should stop ...what they want....Assholes(CPI/M)....

About de-investment, Tata, Birla, Ambani ...all combined were 10% of holdings on Indian Capitol earlier, now ...except oil and railways, govt has failed to raise if compared to private. I am not against privatization, but India's population needs fair distribution of money/market/means(Social****). Govt should help private sector to build such policies to act for good cause of nation and people. Not to stop, I am sure, power sector is doing really good and it will grow atleast 50% for next 20 years,
Who the hell will not spend money, selling is good idea for government if they cant really compete with privates else they should sale it, i know buying is best idea to, the cost of infrasture in those company will be more than 2400Cr, India's real state market we know already.

I hate congrase when they listen to people who are cheap like CPI/M...and also over themself when they cant really sell or buy...

Over the years We do Sucks, We have proven we are still like under influence of someones policies, its left or west does not matter.

C ya guys....

Well said Om. Including our remaining Cle friends in the brainstorming, because I think this is a good discussion we have going.

I want to add...Congress majboori mein Left ki sun raha hai...its because the people sent those @ssh0les to Parliament. Saare desh ko bhugatna padta hai. I would say the Congress is doing a stellar job on the economic front - purely because we have Dr. Singh and Mr. Palaniappan Chidambaram holding the reins. Inspite of all the constraints of coalition politics, they are steering us well - next year's growth forecast is 9.2% - something even the BJP could not manage. And the BJP did even have to take along the Leftists.

If you allow the privates to flourish, the benefits always have and will trickle down to the less priveliged. See how many jobs Mukesh Ambani created by setting up Reliance Telecom, or Tatas by setting up TCS. Which govt. organization can claim to the do the same?

For infrastructure, the new buzzword is PPP - Public Private Partnership. Not sure what exactly that means, but one thing is clear that given the scorching pace we are growing at and need to grow at over a relatively long period of time to eradicate poverty, Infrastructure development is no longer just necessary, but critical. And that needs not just the govt., but even the corporates to loosen their purse strings. What the govt. needs to keep in mind is that they need to create incentives to make the private industries part with their money. Jobs and all-round development will naturally follow.

- Anupam

P.S.: Please translate: Khishyani Billi Khanba Noche

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