Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lets Talk About My Believe!!

Lot of people asks me, whats my religion, I always answer with I don't follow any religion in particular neither i practice. But I do have faith/believe which is mostly called humanity. Some of my faith has great influence of My Guru Satnam(True Name) and some after combined study of many other religions.

Here is Saar(Main Point):

Truth is God and thats the form of god i respect.
Truth is the most precious jewel, one can wear it.
Truth teaches you Sadbhavna(good feelings), Satvik Vichar(pure/positive Thoughts), these has been the reason for growth of Human race.
Love is biggest and unlimited form of punji(stake) you could have.
God lives in form of your thoughts.
I respect intelligence and intelligent people.

Five evils

Kam (Lust), Krodh (Rage), Lobh (Greed), Moh (Attachment) and Ahankar (ego)

to win over those five evils

Five Virtues

Sat (truth), Daya (compassion), Santosh (contentment), Namrata (humility), and Pyaar (love).

here are some thoughts from Guruji

आभूषण जानीए, सत जीवन व्यवहार।
प्रेम , दया , क्षमा , विनयशील सत्षार॥

Abhushan Janiyeh, Sat Jivan vyavhaar!Prem, Dayaa, Karuna,Kshamaa, Vinayshil satsaar !! -Guruji!!

Kahani prem kee, Kachhu kahaa na jayeh!Gungi Keri sarkara, baeth rahee muushkuraay!! -Guruji!!

दया तहां धर्म ; जहाँ लोभ तहां पाप।
जहाँ क्रोध तहां काल, जहाँ क्षमा तहां आप॥
Dayaa, Tahaan Dharm; Jahaan lobh tahaa paap! Jahaan krodh tahaan kaal, jahaan kshamaa tahaan aap!! -Guruji!!

Pothi PaDhi Padhi jag muaa, pundit bhayaa naa koy! Dhai aakhar prem kaa, padhay so pandit hoyeh!!

Kundali base, mrug dhoondhe van mahi, Satchetan nij ghate base Dunia dekhat nahi

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