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New message from Female sent on 6/2/2007 2:41 PM


How are you doing? I was just checking out ineternet and came across your profile, I enjoyed reading your ad/page, you seem interesting, and I'd like the chance to get to know you deeply, what do you think? This is my first time trying the internet to meet someone..Well, my name is Marina, I'm 30 y.o. and I'm from Russian Federation. I'm looking for my future life partner who is honest, caring, generous, responsible, I expect sincerity in communications, who wants to be loved and can return it affectionately. I am looking for a man with goals and a fun outlook on life. My best friends say I have a good sense of humor and it is very interesting to talk to me, say I'm honest and faithful. I wanna meet that type of man that shares a lot of my same qualities in life. I have to admit that I am very shy at first but once you get to know me I'm a very outgoing person and enjoy conversation. So, please feel free to contact me directly via my regular e-mail:
By the way I'm ready to have an exchange of our pictures, what do you think? So write me a short note to my regular e-mail, and I'll send you more of my pictures. Unfortunately I couldn't upload my picture to my ad here, myspace's technical group said that they have some technical problems, so you can see my pictures there:
What do you think? ;-) Well, thank you for the taking the time to read my message, I'd be interested in getting the e-mail from you very soon...
Have a nice day,
Keep in touch,
Someone from russia(This Ebaby's Profile No Longer Exists)

In General my spam filter does not brings this kind of crap to my email...however this one came and ...I am laughing so hard...she described everything she need...and if i get 50% of what she asked for i would settle down for her.....hahaha

About Her
Hi there! My life is really beautiful and sad. There is really a lot in this world to be happy about. It's just a matter of attitude. If we choose to be happy, we can be happy. If we choose to be sad, we can be sad. So, why should we be lonely and sulk when we could be happy? If we like to live life simply and be happy about simple things - that's our choice. Anyway, there are a thousand different ways of living life happily,I love to laugh and have fun and experience life, but I do have serious side and really strive each day to do and learn things that help me to be a better person and expand my experience and contribution to this world, and am caring and honest, not cheating and respectful.

Who She'd like to meet:
I'd want to meet someone who is responsible, honest, straight-forward,fun,sensitive, mature,and doesn't take themselves too seriously...someone who is compassionate and knows how to say "I am sorry"..I'm laid back, intelligent, trustworthy, and personable.I open up easily and am verbally and physically expressive once i get to know someone but you have to earn my trust..I don't give it away to just anyone. I'm respectful,but don't mistake that tendency for shyness or else you'll be pleasantly surprised. I'm understanding and polite but I won't tolerate immaturity,short tempers,or hypersensitivity. He should be someone who is caring, romantic and loving.

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