Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Why..I am Like This!!!

When people turns to you, and says, you are great, nice, caring, loving, intelligent, smart..what do you think of you? Proud?? Me, starts digging over the reasons what makes you think of that....Heres some..why I am like this...

From day one i could remember one thing is leading, even though walking with grandpa i was running ahead and telling him..whats ahead...I could never be follower, if i have to kills me.

Why I lead? because i am too observant, and my practical experience which has shaped my principle values. I could remember the incidence ..walking back home from the village pond after taking bath, how a socially structured caste based system cause my childhood friend hurt, when she(old high caste female) turned herself 10 feet away , to pass this little boy from lower caste when there was only one way to go.
How do we shape our values?

Community: System around you, the culture which comprises believes and behavior, senses, standards and expectations of the community you live around. Many things around me happens without direction, because i grew if in that culture which defines me. For example, If i believe in "Truth is GOD and thats only GOD", then no matter where i am, church, mosque, or temple, I am not gonna visualize the 330 millions of Hindu god and goddess, Jesus Christ, or Pagamber Hazarat Muhhammad, I am seeing them is a form of truth, that they came into the world and did good for humanity. What i am and How i will be is ..culture i am getting from places i have lived, my culture is continuesly shaping. Thanks to the global communication people from my village are aware of some western culture, by Films, TV, news paper and more than anything internet and cellphones.

Parents: They play the biggest role in making who you could be, they see you in the places where they have dreamed of before you start thinking where u wanna they can shape for anything they want...their life can teach you million things, when I say I have proud family, its not that my parents dint fight, they haven't seen trouble in their life, NO..they had their share like everyone has...However one thing i have always promised and known is ..they are gonna make things work together. Being a little kid and swimming into their dreams can make you do many things, that you might be doing now ..and not noticing. For mom never gives me lunch if i have not taken bath :))

Education: When you are grown up, your major decisions you take in life is greatly influenced by your education, whether its your life partner, your job, what you wanted to be in life, everything is affected by education. Its master key for your holistic development. I still amaze over myself when i do different things than could have...Consultant, USA, Me my education who brings me here...

Early Experience: I remember "Your character comprises what you do on third and forth times". If i have learned to tell the stories about me...its because my this experience will count someday to some people. I don't carry the sophistication in my language but certainly knowledge and sense.
Events happened with me counts as experience has made me confident on my statements, It has set my standards and expectations.

My standards says, I can never be in the list of options to something or somebody, If i am not in priority then i am not there.
When I was little kid, working in farm plowing, planning, planting taking care of two bulls we had ...the things i have learned was importance of doing good work, appreciations and incentives which usually comes after 6 month of your hard work....thats long time..but at the end..Its worth.

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