Monday, May 21, 2007

Weird Dream- Bagpipe Man !!

It was my annual appraisal result, in my company our CEO plans to appreciate the employee in different way!!

So, It was surprise for most of employee that how or what they have been treated or received.

I work 9 to 5, My surprise was waiting for me at the door, since it was surprise, you don't know whats happening, i was working and working, so rather then usual 5PM exit from office i went out about 7:30PM, and in the door this Bagpipe man was waiting for me, He was waiting there for me almost two and half hours, So anyhow he has to play something for me, He started playing ...and i started to get amazed over music and thinking this is what my CEO has done to appreciate me, It was the most unpleasant music i would have ever heard, seams his frustration and anger over waiting for two and half hours came out in his bagpipe...I could not control the laugh and also, over the idea of my CEO.

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