Friday, May 11, 2007

Pink Floyd- The Greatest Band Ever

Photo: -Pink Floyd band Member with Bhasker Menon in the middle

You call it greated rock band ever or greatest band ever...and is...they are legend..they created the music that ppl had listened are listening and will listen.

My introduction to the band was with T-Shirt someone in my school wearing it, back in august 1995. That was the time when i was introduced to the english music, my first English video i remember was Natalie Imbruglia(Torn) when DD Metro was available for two hour slot for MTV.

During that year, i saw dude staying room below me in hostel got gitar and big speaker playing english rock songs, went to see his room, dark, smoked ..big poster of Pink Floyd and T-shirt with Pink Floyd written in it. Asked few questions, Liked few songs because of music back then my english was really weak to understand any of things what they were singing.

Year 1998-1999 was preparing for some exams was reading about few femous ppl doing good or done wonders in different sectors, read about Bhasker Menon, chairman and CEO, EMI and Capitol Music Worldwide, Who played the central role in leading the promotion and marketing of Pink Floyd's album Dark Side of the Moon.
Thats where the bigining of Pink Floyd in US biggest ever.

After few years when i started going out to listen english band in Mumbai's small english/Irish pub called ATIS in Bandra i started listening many of their songs and liked those as i listened. Thats where probably i have danced some ...but the flr was so small that it could be crwoded with 10 ppl. But we enjoyed it, nice food and good music.

Few year later came to US, everything here is Rap/HipHop, i was surprised with my discovery what i could do with this music, went to club danced with few two feet apart. But never got the songs and music i wanted to listen...since last year i started going out more with my american friends, payed lot of attention to music here
understands few and dance with mosts. Howver none of them sings to my heart Pink Floyd did...I recently listened to the Trance mix of 'Education/wall' ..I loved it and danced like no body does with ruling the flr for straight 10 minute.

Few more things i would say, this bad has represented the youth, the culture, the anger, the frustration and giving the light...if you listen to the Dark Side of the Moon, you will understand what i am talking about. Also they are greated band ever who have done lot of experiments with the music, that were truelly ahead of their time and music of the future..thatswhy it rules now..and will rule in future.

My fevorites (Almost all but still)
The Dark Side of the Moon
Wish You Were Here
The Division Bell
The Wall

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