Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Folk@Youtube ..Thanks A lot

When we came outside our birth place we dont know sometime we miss something..like me..even though i like all kind of music, eastern and western; i still miss music from my area..very local folk music..we know ppl personaly who sing and dance in those, that personal..thanks to youtube and ppl who are uploading them for bringing it to larger population.

Here are some nice songs i got..I still miss some Lakshaman Masturia and Old Dadaria music..and Panthi geet..Lets see if someone upload i will thank a lot.


Tura Nai Jaane

chhattisgarhi suva geet

Mor dil ma gira ke bijaria

yeh sajan-2 bana le mola sajania

mola apane rangale

Santhali -Video

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