Thursday, May 03, 2007

Define conversation!!!

Conversation is exchange of same vocabulary (not just words but expressions, feelings, emotions and expectations as well). So to carry out conversations means to understand each other; It is essential to carry out same vocabulary and have same system of logic otherwise there will be misconceptions more than once.

For an example with my personal experience...Someone wrote to me 'so, you are mad' ..It could have two meanings, first 'you are crazy' second 'Are you mad at me' ...if u miss out to understand out of its translation, then you could take first ...which i did and a thread of misunderstanding started, emotion takes different turns, feelings started changing, expectations were hurt, and expressions with your next conversation were completely out of context that could have never passed.

Basically it was big failure...we lost the track of speaking same language. So the freaking things happened because i learned the English language where some words has different semantics; and different logic.

English is not spoken same around the world, there are 330 millions ppl in India who know English, 270 million in US, 220 million in Europe, and around half of the total in other world with different semantics and logics for many words.

One more biggest killing factor for conversation is Inferences of previously known logics we have passed to the same person we are having conversation, basically it brings hell lot of uncertainty when we try to start conversation next time with different logic, sometime it give challenge but most of the time in relationship it gives uncertainty and cause loss of trust.

This is even funny when translations takes place in different language..See
How some common english sayings wud bcome funny when translated in
hindi??? (Back to English in bracket)

Have a nice day! ----- * अच्छा दिन लो! (Take a good day)
What's up? ----- *उपर क्या है? (Whats upstairs)
You're kidding! ----- *तुम बच्चा बना रहे हो! (You stay kid)
Don't kid me! ----- * मेरा बच्चा मत बनाअो! (Don't make me kid)
Yo, baby! What's up? -----* बेटी यो, उपर क्या है?(Daughters, Whats upstairs)
Cool man! -----* ठंडा आदमी! (Cold person)
Check this out, man! ----* इसकी छानबीन करो, आदमी! (Investigate this person)
Don't mess with me, dude.--*मेरे साथ गंदगी मत करो, ए व्यकि्त (Kinda same but its funny)
She's so fine! ----- * वो इतनी बारीक हैं! ( wow, she is tiny)

Listen buddy, that chick's mine, okay!?--*सुनो दोस्त,वो चूजा मेरा है। ठीक (Listen friends, that baby chicken is mine, alright)

Hey good looking; what's cooking? ----* अरे सुन्दरता की देवी, क्या पका रही हो(oh goddess of beauty, what is that u r cooking ..(something to eat) also oh goddess of beauty,what the hell, you are making me bored )

Are you nuts? ----- *क्या आप अखरोट हैं? (Are you somekinda fruit's nut)
Son of a gun.----- * बच्चा बंदूक का. (Wow, you are baby of a gun in real)

और सबसे बेहतरीन (Even Better)

Rock the party. ---- * पार्टी में पथ्थर फेंको. (Throw stone in party)
How do you do? ----- * कैसे करते हो? (How you manage to do so, double meaning)
Keep in touch...... * छूते रहो. (Keep touching)
Lets hang out!....*चलो बाहर लटकते (Lets go and hang ourselves outside)

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Blogger Fernweher said ... (6:23 PM) : 

hehe, funny! my favorite is "Listen friends, that baby chicken is mine, alright." I had no idea these words could translate so literally into Hindi.


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