Saturday, April 28, 2007

Doing it in Om's way!!

I dint know i was hurting myself...but i did it...Its too hurting ..I had pain in my heart today...reall pain but doing it right for others matters more than me..which somehow it works lot better for me than i thought i would do...being selfish.

Its something, if u help someone god will help u in many ways...many things works for me when i am more concerned about others. Lot of people wont understand what i am talking about ...but few will know ..when they take things on themselves and know it from begining what they are doing ....this time i was envolved, it was not completely my mind but it was heart as well thatswhy was hurting.

Life puts every one in sqr all the time, giving no time and no straight answer ..but complex and many ways to choose ...and sometime we come back to sqr again by being and doing the same thing not realizing what we are doing.

I have many things in life to be defined in my own terms...I really dont want to make u understand i need you, I wont let u know what actually i want but your happiness, I will make sure in everyway...i will put myself in trouble...because i like being in trouble ...its hurting and beautiful ...i get things which i will never get when i am happy....i got more things in life when i was hurt and helpless ...than happy and feeling fullfilled.

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