Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dancing with students

Lot of people appreciate my dancing, sometime i have heard there were queue or line of gals wanted to dance with me...whatever it is ...i do dance most of them are fusion...means mixing lot of dances i know...based on music i hear and emotion i have with the personality of the person i am dancing with....

This one ...dancing with students....god...Its not one to one ...its not one emotions ...few were palying pranks...few were appriciating few were who cares...and most of them were not aware of the dance and music i played and danced so wondering start of dance and music was great...however it passed i did lot of experiment since it was my first time openly in class teaching student world dance...i have danced for kids and for people...i can do will do in near future aggain when time and spaces permits.
Thanks to my fev Teacher...I dont think i will name her but...I loved her for doing this to her students...asking me to comeover to her classroom.

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