Sunday, April 29, 2007

Cashing over the wrong reasons!!!

Diplomats, Politicians, Advocates and a hypocrite friends can teach you how to cash over wrong reason for your own benefits. Well but would you accept it when you know what you are doing is not good, Its something like, would you ever try to take benefit of mistakes if u can judge it, the reason could be wrong or made it wrong ..from you family member or your best friends..... never....

But if you does know what you are loosing...the word called 'FAITH' or 'TRUST'. Loosing faith or trust in someones eye is like loosing character that you have build in person's eye.

What if, someone is giving you wrong reasons and you could judge its not true what he supposed to be mean is different then words uttered the truth is something could still hold your digging the fact behind the lie
or mistakes or motto behind that.

And if you can not judge take it as it is...then you anyway judged wrong and in worlds eye its wrong ...since it was the impact of wrong reason behind the truth.

I guess with my own experience we do a lot of experiments over every new character we face it makes us amazed ..and we find good being with differents does teach us many things if its positive...otherwise who cares for negative differences. But in some the similarity attracts ..its unlike magnates ..same pole attracts each other...i feel wonder ...but it does.

Following the title, what i found is..sometime we create attractions around us by
being and doing many things ...that can be proved wrong....but being and doing things that you are is always right ...however its tough for smart intelligent people not to be then are....Anyway..."Life is beautiful when the art of living is understood". with this art ..we should not learn the art called 'cashing over wrong reasons with your loved once'.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Doing it in Om's way!!

I dint know i was hurting myself...but i did it...Its too hurting ..I had pain in my heart today...reall pain but doing it right for others matters more than me..which somehow it works lot better for me than i thought i would do...being selfish.

Its something, if u help someone god will help u in many ways...many things works for me when i am more concerned about others. Lot of people wont understand what i am talking about ...but few will know ..when they take things on themselves and know it from begining what they are doing ....this time i was envolved, it was not completely my mind but it was heart as well thatswhy was hurting.

Life puts every one in sqr all the time, giving no time and no straight answer ..but complex and many ways to choose ...and sometime we come back to sqr again by being and doing the same thing not realizing what we are doing.

I have many things in life to be defined in my own terms...I really dont want to make u understand i need you, I wont let u know what actually i want but your happiness, I will make sure in everyway...i will put myself in trouble...because i like being in trouble ...its hurting and beautiful ...i get things which i will never get when i am happy....i got more things in life when i was hurt and helpless ...than happy and feeling fullfilled.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My Testimonials in School

These are pages from the diary people wrote about me when i was in school.

Dancing with students

Lot of people appreciate my dancing, sometime i have heard there were queue or line of gals wanted to dance with me...whatever it is ...i do dance most of them are fusion...means mixing lot of dances i know...based on music i hear and emotion i have with the personality of the person i am dancing with....

This one ...dancing with students....god...Its not one to one ...its not one emotions ...few were palying pranks...few were appriciating few were who cares...and most of them were not aware of the dance and music i played and danced so wondering start of dance and music was great...however it passed i did lot of experiment since it was my first time openly in class teaching student world dance...i have danced for kids and for people...i can do will do in near future aggain when time and spaces permits.
Thanks to my fev Teacher...I dont think i will name her but...I loved her for doing this to her students...asking me to comeover to her classroom.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Memory Chor(Thief)

I am really willing to start with all those abusive word ..I did learn during ragging in School...I think I did utter the worst and longest time at one night over the ceiling fan..since my senior said start giving gaali(bad words) to the fan in the hostel room...It was pretty funny during ragging ..we learn all those bad words using against things..stuffs.. but not against the bad things happening around us and ppl who does.

Anyway, I am really feeling bad and wanted to give million gaali to the the person who took my camera while i was touring Chicago...It was last night of our tour ..and i was having the best time of my life and had the most memorable picture in the camera :(( has memories that i would like to remember my whole life...

And while having snacks at bar, someone took my camera ...Oh my god ..I have no regrets over 250$ camera and 70$ memory card but all those 50 pics which would have counted millions ...Its really bad to take someone's camera ..with full of pictures that is valuable than camera...Man...Whoever u are ...please don't do that next time..or at least leave the memory card at counter. I would have thanked you. If you happened to read this...please reply and send me the card of at least the pictures.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Conversational Skill

Kill this bird if u have and u will loose..ur friend, ur wife, ur job etc etc... I was looking at the old couple who are happily married for 30 years and enjoying the sunset together ..the most important thing i noticed is their conversational skill.