Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Its Too Salty

This is killing me..First night dinner at Olive garden they brought me really salty soup..asked for some other..that one was salty too...ever since i am trying in every other kind of restaurant in Atlanta..Its freaking me out...everywhere its too lot of lemon and artichoke with my real hot (Red Chili pepper) fish at Greek restaurant last night...put my stomach and throat in bad shape...Could be another reason ...I have been working too much..dint have rested for almost a month..feeling really sick..but still have to do my work...until 30th before i will leave for vacation.

I guess this city likes the salty food...went to Indian restaurent(Minerva one of the best Indian food chain)...they had their food salty too...GOD..needs to run for bed..for days...and nights..

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