Friday, March 02, 2007

Do you have more proud moments than regrets??

Beleive me this works, if wanted to be happy and just remember few of your proud moments, you will find yourself smiling and confident again. Also if wanted to know what kind of person you are take two row start one for proud moments and one moment of regrets ..mark each the end wichever has the bigger list defines what kinda of person you are; proud or sad...Congrats if you are Proud and Please work on your memories if you are sad to remember proud moments.

Regardless of what you are in life, everyone has moments of proud and regrets!! Counting the days when you were kid and you made proud to you parents with honesty, innocence and inteligence with full of curiocity on why!!! Each Why brings different smile in your parents face and so does you get love and affection in returns made you proud that you are a proud kid to your parents :))

When you go out from your house next biggest proud station is your school when all trains(individual) has to stop, take a direction(Education) and go on tracks(Life) to Run, you starts making proud with where you are stopping and what you are giving in between; achivements and grades counts but you know ...where you stops whats your next station matters...a good school a good education in terms that provides the skill and knowlegege that you need for you path is more important.


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Nice thoughts..btw...checked out your snaps...why not make a video of the dancing styles and put it on your orkut? I think it will be great!!


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Nice thoughts..


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