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A Day of My Social Work in year 2002

Ankhon Dekha Haal!!

Wednesday, 23-Oct-2002, I have to leave for Raipur to organize a Career Guidance program for the student around Raipur. I was still having waiting list, not sure to be confirmed, I tried to get PNR status from the Indian railways website and phone, both were not working. So left office by 4:50PM to catch the train from the source (CSTM), Did not taken anything to eat, thought there will be pantry car, but to my bad luck there was no such facilities. Was hungry till the train reached Nagpur, I was having a plan to get fresh at Station and have something, then will leave by Hawra mail, but I got a train for Raipur, by which I have saved 1:5 hr at the cost of my lunch.
After reaching Raipur, I started my campaign from Kabir Mandir, then some house, some calls, till 10 PM, Suresh and myself run from hostel to hostel giving notice and making lots of calls. It was real struggle as nothing was much fixed, few of them know, but dint thought of informing it to others. We called students given the notice for their notice board.
This time, I had given roles to some of the student to bring other students from their hostel. I told, I am coming to your hostels since last year, your strength in the occasions has never made me happy, Well this time I am giving you challenge to show your leadership, to motivate other student on the subject, which I am going to explain, I am not going to take permission from your hostel wardens, are asking each one of you to come. Just take a note, “Its about career guidance, will be given by Prof N L Sao, and few more from industries/employment, you can take a chance, I know you are going to like it. You are not the one who doesn’t know many thing, you are the people who knows everything you needed. For “MUJHE KUCHH KARNAA HAE” what is needed is to be motivated. If you like people who can motivate you to achieve your goal then, I am sure it will be worth coming”? I don’t know what happened in the mind of 2 students, they visited each room explained the subject on their own language with their own understanding. I could see after reaching venue the leaders was happy, as they have pulled the crowd of 50 students from a single hostel.
Some 25 students (mostly 6th to 10th ) were on the way to attend the program but has been told to return by their seniors as they were supposed come after school, if they had come, it would have been difficult to manage also on that hall.
Participants (Students) have come well before time, so I started giving the brief about the day’s subject. Started with- why we should participate on such kind of program: (Topic Discussed by me)
• IQ, EQ, SI (in Hinglish)
• Two types of brain (Thinking and Feeling)
• Advantages/Disadvantages of EGO
• Importance of Motivation
• How Initiatives we are.
• Queries solved some 10 questions off stage.
• Briefing of our samiti its functionality, future plans, Library, and SGGSS member introduction.

This entire subject (mentioned above) was a kind of preludes before any talk, so that Students attention was maintained consistent. (My talk was 20mt. 5mt, 5mt, 5mt, 5mt). Program formally started with the guidance of:
• Prof. N L Sao (Education, Higher Studies (40mt) and Employment including tips for Many How to's, Student were noting down the tips. Cool (30mt)),
• Prof Ramteke (Co-orative societies, Welfare (5mt)),
• Prof. B P Joshi (Students guidelines in General (30mt))
• Prof. Meena Banjare (Links of Education, Employment and Business (5mt)),
• Mr. Chadokar (From Central Industries Institute, Talk on Business and Employment, heartily appreciated by many (20mt))

SGGSS member present on the occasion:
• Mr. Nakul Baghel
• Mr. Gagendra Jangade (With bhabhie jee)
• Mr. Suresh Banjara
• Om Prakash Baghel

Program jeenake mehnat se sampann huaa:
• Mr. Suresh Banjara (Daudayaa...almost 48 hrs.... he sprained his leg)
• Dr. Gritlahare (We were hungry and was busy ...till 12:00AM on that day)
• Mr. Ashish Baghel (Fully managed what is needed for the occasion, visited hostel before we had reached)
• Vidyaa Charan Baghel (visited hostel before we had reached, hospitality)
• Prabha Banjare (Student) (gone to each room of her hostel. Has credit of bringing 50 girls from hostel, It was challenge I had given to them...they accepted and did)
• Om :-)

After the closing of program, we have discussion on how to organize this kind of program in future, how to utilize the library, what kind of book and information they can get from the library. Girls were asking for issue of books to there hostels, for a week or so, then return. I have taken their suggestion positively to formulate the rules of library book issue.

Other work done during this visit were:
• Cleaning of library after monsoon room was quite different.
• Checked out the numbering of books (Seal on the books has been done)
• Can make few more members in Raipur.
• Increase the awareness about library and our activities in Raipur and Bhilai.
• Increase the awareness SGGSS amongst ladies and people in Raipur.
• Given charge to open library to one more student (Promised me to open on weekend)

Well I have participated in the sessions of Prof Sao at Bhilai and Raipur; I had been with their group, given talk on socialistic development and have answered queries on IT and higher education. During my visit to Bhilai, we had a meeting at Mr. Gidole’s house about 10-12 people were present. I have kept point on Family culture adoption. Means we should not only try to meet family at our native’s relatives but others also, so that learning will be two ways. On this point, some of people from Mumbai will go C.G. and have get together, bring some good things (Culture) increase social awareness, think about problems and work on solution. Same way as people from C.G. wanted to come Mumbai, Delhi , have get together , discuss about issues and plan for future. People wanted to learn the way SGGSS function. (How to work for society like, we are doing).

Well I have promised students that, we will bring student from different part of country and let them meet our student from C.G. let them learn from them, or at least we will find how much the learning culture is different between two parts of country. If this works, It will be magic for then and us also. Student can from KG to college. This has been supported heartily by parents and children both, was real exciting. In hostels, villages. and in city , that will be “Learn from the Root”. All can be maintained under the banner of SGGSS.

Note: SGGSS- Society I formed in Mumbai
IQ- Intelligence Quotient
EQ- Emotional Quotient
SI/SQ- Social Inteligence/Quotient
CSTM- Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminal Mumbai- Bussiest Railway station in India

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